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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 15:11

How To Download The D6 Communicator Program

Desktop Download:

Visit: www.school-communicator.com/downloads Select your school in the drop down list on the left Click on the Windows button.  When asked to 'Run or Save' the file, click 'Save' first and thereafter 'Run'


Mobile Download:

Apple:             Visit the App Store. Search for the d6 school communicator. Click open.  
                         Follow the prompts and don't forget to personalise to receive the news you
Android:          Visit the Play Store. Follow the same steps.

Windows:       Visit the Windows Store. Follow the same steps.

Mobi site:       We have created a mobi site that will work on any device, making the d6

school communicator available anywhere, anytime for your convenience. Register, then log in with your username and password: http://schoolcommunicator.mobi/

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