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Complete the following test and see which career will suit you best. Mark any of the activities that might be enjoyable or interesting to you. In general, marking more activities provides more useful results.

1. o Typing reports or entering data                                                      

2. o Leading group activities

3. o Reading art and music magazines

4. o Carpentry and other building projects

5. o Using a chemistry set

6. o Making new friends


1. o Keeping detailed records

2. o Working on a sales campaign

3. o Designing clothes

4. o Decorating rooms

5. o Doing puzzles or playing word games

6. o Going to church


1. o Word processing

2. o Talking to salespeople

3. o Acting in or helping to put on a play

4. o Working with animals

5. o Advanced math

6. o Helping the elderly


1. o Working nine to five

2. o Being elected class president

3. o Learning foreign languages

4. o Cooking

5. o Physics

6. o Attending sports events


1. o Using a cash register

2. o Talking to groups of people

3. o Drawing or painting

4. o Fixing cars

5. o Astronomy

6. o Belonging to a club


1. o Using office equipment

2. o Buying clothes for a store

3. o Writing stories or poetry

4. o Fixing electrical appliances or repairing household items

5. o Flying airplanes or learning about aircraft

6. o Teaching children


1. o Filing letters and reports

2. o Talking to people at a party

3. o Going to concerts or listening to music

4. o Wildlife biology

5. o Creating a project for a science fair

6. o Studying people in other lands


1. o Working with a budget and preparing financial reports

2. o Selling insurance

3. o Playing music

4. o Putting together model kits or craft projects

5. o Working in a lab

6. o Helping people solve personal problems

Add up your interests to find your code:

Count all the number 1s you’ve checked; put that total on a piece of paper -

“1s=C”. Repeat this for numbers 2 through 6. Notice, each number corresponds with a

letter. Write the letters of your three highest numbers on the piece of paper. Those three letters will form your code. 



1s = C 2s = E 3s = A 4s = R 5s = I 6s = S


Match the letters in your code to the first letters in the groups listed below. For example, SAR matches the Social, Artistic and Realistic groups.



• Accountant/Auditor

• Bank Teller

• Bookkeeper

• Computer Operator

• Court Reporter

• Dispatcher

• Electronics Assembler

• General Office Clerk

• Legal Assistant

• Library Assistant

• Payroll Clerk

• Postal Clerk

• Receptionist

• Secretary

• Tax Preparer

• Webmaster


• Actor

• Advertising Agent

• Architect

• Artist

• Choreographer

• Commercial Artist

• Composer

• Director

• Fashion Designer

• Graphic Artist

• Industrial Designer

• Interior Designer

• Landscape Architect

• Musician

• Merchandise Displayer

• Photographer


• Actuary

• Agricultural Scientist

• Anthropologist

• Biological Scientist

• Chemist

• Chiropractor

• Computer Programmer

• Dentist

• Drafter

• Economist

• Engineer

• Geologist

• Hazardous Materials


• Market Research Analyst

• Meteorologist

• Nurse Practitioner

• Optometrist

• Pharmacist

• Physician

• Psychologist

• Speech Pathologist

• Statistician

• Surgical Technician

• Systems Analyst

• Veterinarian


• Air Traffic Controller

• Athletic Trainer

• Cosmetologist

• Counsellor

• Dental Hygienist

• Dietician

• Elementary/Middle/High School Teacher

• Health Administrator

• Historian

• Home Health Aide

• Mail Carrier

• Medical Assistant

• Nurse

• Physical Therapist

• Radio/TV Broadcaster

• Radiologic Technician

• Social Worker

• Auto Salesperson

• Brokerage Clerk

• Business Executive/Manager

• Chef/Dinner Cook

• Compliance Officer

• Customer Service Rep.

• Database Administrator

• Detective/Investigator

• Financial Manager

• Flight Attendant

• Funeral Director

• Hotel/Motel Manager

• Insurance Agent

• Interpreter/Translator

• Lawyer

• Marketing/Public Relations Manager

• Occupational Therapist

• Park Ranger

• Real Estate Agent

• Reporter

• Restaurant Manager

• Security Guard

• Travel Agent

• Urban Planner

• Writer or Editor


• Aircraft Mechanic

• Appraiser

• Auto Mechanic

• Bricklayer

• Building Maintenance

• Carpenter

• Computer Repairer

• Dental Lab Technician

• Electrician

• Engineering Tech.

• Farmer or Rancher

• Firefighter

• Fish/Game Warden

• Floral Designer

• Groundskeeper

• Mechanical Engineer

• Optician

• Pilot/Flight Engineer

• Plumber/Pipefitter

• Robotics Technician

• Sound Engineer

• Truck Driver

• Welder

• Zookeeper 




What does this tell me about my personality?


Conventional people like to work with data, have clerical or numerical ability and attend to detail. They usually enjoy following other people's instructions.

Investigative people like to observe, investigate, learn, analyze, evaluate or solve problems.

Artistic people have artistic, innovative or intuitive abilities. They usually like to work in an unstructured situation, using their imagination or creativity.

Social people like to work with people. They like to inform, enlighten, help, train, develop or cure people. They may also be skilled with using language and words.

Enterprising people also like to work with people, but they like to influence, persuade or perform. They like to lead or manage for organizational goals or economic gain.

Realistic people have athletic or mechanical ability. They prefer to work with objects, machines, tools,plants or animals. They usually like to work outdoors. ODETHIS

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Resepte vir die Soet Tant




4 eetlepels bruismeel

5 eetlepels suiker


5 eetlepels melk

3 eetlepels kookolie

2 eetlepels kakao

Hoe maak ek?

Plaas alle bestandele in ‘n groot koppie (‘n koffiebeker) en klits dit goed met ‘n vurk.  Bak in die mikrogolfoond vir 2-3 minute.  Geniet die koek met sjokolade sous. 

Sjokoladesous! Hoe maak ek?

Smelt 6 blokkies donkersjokolade met 20ml melk in die mikrogolfoond vir 40 sekondes.  Gooi dit oor die koppie-koek en geniet!









Grondboontjiebotter (peanutbutter)-in-‘n-koppie:



4 eetlepels bruismeel


5 eetlepels suiker




5 eetlepels melk


3 eetlepels kookolie                                                   


2 eetlepels kakao


2 eetlepels grondboontjiebotter


Hoe maak ek?


Plaas alle bestandele (behalwe die grondboontjiebotter) in ‘n groot koppie (‘n koffiebeker) en klits dit goed met ‘n vurk.  Bak in die mikrogolfoond vir 2-3 minute.   


Smelt twee eetlepels grondboontjiebotter in die mikrogolfoond vir 1 minuut om ‘n sous te maak. Gooi dit oor die koppie-koek en geniet!


Komaan! Troos daai suikertand.


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For any school to function optimally, it has to have a strong staff contingent – from headmaster down to cleaner.

In the public school dispensation, as we experience it today, it is difficult to function well and fulfil the expectations of pupils, parents and public owing to the constraints and challenges meted out by the Department of Education, who is the “organisation” for whom we all work, thus the employer.

When the “organisation” is dysfunctional, the onus then rests on the headmaster and teaching staff to “keep it all together”.  One could argue that the educator’s task is to educate, not play at human resources management.  True as that may be, teachers have been forced into another role or diversity of roles.

For workplace well-being to be optimised, the spirit of the staff has to be kept bouyant.

The dynamics in the staffroom must shift from the petty bickering of people who place their own egos above the interest of their immediate employer, the school, to an unselfish, caring and happy atmosphere embracing the principle of conflict resolution and acceptance of situations even though they are in contradiction of personal views.

When a spirit of generosity is prevelant in a school, everybody gains from it.  There will inevitably be instances of disagreement, but they do not need to lead to a cat- or dog-fight.  A bit of maturity and skilful negotiations, sprinkled with concession and humility can often easily solve a seemingly insurmountable problem.

On any staff there is a diversity of personalities and interests.  Co-worker consideration and caring, can take a teaching staff from mediocrity to excellence because the desire to please is increased by the attitude of co-workers.  We should all be eager to help in times of need, or when a colleague is professionally stretched and to express grattitude when assistance has been proffered and given.

A happy teaching staff is a productive energy-force that can be channelled into every aspect of a school.  The heart-beat of the any school is in the staff-room and the headmaster’s office is the pacemaker.

Our school, Daniel Pienaar Technical High School, has such a staff consisting of strong personalities with many talents.  When all these things come together:  organisational trust, workplace well-being and caring and sharing among staff, they, the teachers who are the executors of the teaching mandate, are a formidable group.

We salute them.

Wednesday, 05 February 2014 14:28


Die Tierplesier is DP se skoolkoerantjie.  ‘n Redaksie (Gr. 9-12 leerders) is verantwoordelik vir die samestelling van die blad, maar alle tiere kan bydraes lewer.  Die koerantjie bevat aktuele/leersame artikels, onderhoude met personeel/leerders, akademiese-, sport- en kultuurnuus, skindernuus, grappies en foto’s.  Daar is twee publikasies per jaar, een per semester.  Alle leerders wat hierin belangstel, kan aanmeld by K15.